The Last Assassin


The assassin, robed in white, silently observes the movements of a patrol of British troops in the Frontier land between New York and Boston. He moves swiftly through the trees seeing the perfect point at which to begin his attack, quickly he throws a rope dart with deadly precision at the rear most redcoat and drops down from his perch in the trees, in turn swiftly carrying the redcoat up into the trees to hang until seconds later the life leaves his body. The assassin quickly draws his bow and fires upon the other rear guard before the rest of the patrol is alerted. The redcoat falls silent beneath the whipping wind and the assassin continues to stalk the patrol less two soldiers.

He bursts through the brush of the forest and seemingly shoves two of the remaining guards to the ground, but they do not move when they hit the ground, they only bleed through the gaping holes left by the assassin’s hidden blades. Having thrown stealth and caution to the wind, the assassin now turns on the three remaining redcoats tomahawk in hand.

The redcoats cautiously stand, waiting for the assassin to make the first move, and he obliges them, whirling in a blur of steel the assassin launches a deadly assault of blows on the officer of the patrol, disarming him and causing him to become unbalanced, the assassin leaps upon his faltering prey and drives the tomahawk into his chest.

The assassin quickly pulls the blade from the officer’s chest and rolls behind another guard and slams the tomahawk home as he comes up, severing the redcoats spine and killing him. The last redcoat, seeing his officer and allies fall prey so easily takes up to running to alert another patrol. The assassin picks up a musket from one of the freshly slaughtered redcoats and lines up the shot. The redcoat makes it about 100 yards and then a shot rings out. The redcoat falls to the earth, dead.

This is what many players will come to love in the newest addition to the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Assassin’s Creed three, officially the fifth game in the series, has marked one of the biggest launches and most ambitious game ever produced by Ubisoft according to This new game has taken successful elements from both the first Assassin’s Creed and the Ezio trilogy of games including further exac3_connor_treetension on the multiplayer aspect of the game.

As with all of the past Assassin’s Creed games, this one also features two separate stories, one inside the machine known as the animus, and another outside the animus in the modern world. The whole idea
behind the story on the inside of the animus is to go through ancestral memories of the game’s protagonist Desmond Miles. Desmond and his group of modern-day assassins are searching for secrets about the ones who came before, which are beings of a higher power, so that they may in a sense save the world.

However, not many players really care too much about the story and action, or lack thereof, outside the animus. Players assume the role of Connor, a young Native American whose village and mother were killed by a group of colonists who, unbeknownst to Connor at the time, were in the Templar Order, sworn enemy of the Assassin Brotherhood.

After escaping with his life, Connor grows and when he reaches the proper age is released from the village by the tribes clan mother to go and seek a man bearing the assassin symbol. Connor finds the man, an old assassin by the name of Achilles. Achilles is one of the last remaining assassins and even he has grown too old to properly carry out the will of the Assassins. Achilles teaches Connor the ways of the assassins and eventually unleashes him to pursue the Templars responsible for causing despair and injustice in the colonies.

As with all the games the story is very engrossing, however, it was particularly so this time because it focused on more recent happenings in history. Players interact with iconic characters from history like Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and even George Washington. Players participate in many of the events portrayed in textbooks as well, including the Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere’s ride to alert the minutemen, and the battles of Lexington and Concord.

One thing that has changed since the last few games is the economy in-game. The way you attain funds to purchase weapons and tools is vastly different, and more intricate in design than in previous games. Previously players would simply buy businesses in towns and receive a passive deposit of money every 15 minutes while they played. In Assassin’s Creed three, players must build a homestead and do side missions to improve their gatherers to provide better resources, and their craftsman to craft better products.

In addition to being able to stockpile goods and craft, the player is also able to put goods onto land or naval convoys to be sold for a much higher profit than if sold in person. A way that Ubisoft has made this process interactive is that each trade route has a percentage of risk to be attacked by the British, and should this happen, the player must rush to aid the convoy and kill all the British soldiers, lest they lose their goods.

Aside from changes to tmaxresdefault-1he economy, Ubisoft has brought back a wide open area for players to run through. This aspect has not been seen since the first Assassin’s Creed. It gives players a bigger sense of freedom, and of course the frontier is where a player can stalk British troops and essentially assume the role of Rambo, setting traps and conducting guerrilla warfare.

Ubisoft has also continued to bring back the usage of assassin recruits which make missions inside city walls infinitely easier to accomplish. One completely new aspect altogether with this game is the nautical warfare. The player is given a warship equipped with all the basics, and it is left to the player to accrue funds to improve their ship. Nautical warfare in this game is done fairly well, having missions where the player can board other ships after destroying the mast and assassinate the captain. All in all the naval addition to the game should be well received by many players.

On top of all this, hunting has been brought to the game. When in the frontier players can track and hunt all types of game including bears and cougars. Hunting adds a fun aspect to the game in that most of the animals players find provide a greater challenge than most troops players will face in battles.

Aside from the single player campaign, Ubisoft has brought back the multiplayer where players will hunt one another and receive points based on the quality of their kills. However the multiplayer maps have seemingly gotten smaller and thus increased skill is needed to score high points. In addition to that change, the way players track each other has changed as well, no longer are players given a compass that basically points the way to their target, now a portrait is all the player gets and when target comes into sight the portrait will light up, forcing the player to thoroughly check their surroundings for a potential kill. This change should provide a greater challenge for many fans of the multiplayer side of the game.

From the story to the combat system, this game meets and exceeds expectations and has people clamoring to play, and the fact that the game broke the previous Ubisoft pre-order record held by Assassin’s Creed Revelations only bolsters the potential of having another game developed according to  frac_08-10_37227_lg


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